Mission Statement

by Nathan Dorton


“To consistently serve our student-athletes, partners, and our member teams with the highest level of post-graduate prep school athletics possible, and to do so with academic integrity, sportsmanship, and passion, both on the field and around the communities in which we play."


With the need for stability and credibility in the midst of the post-graduate prep school landscape, the Post-Graduate Football League was formed. The PGFL consists of four teams for its inaugural year. With each team having an equal vote in the decisions that affect each member team, this allows for complete transparency and parity amongst the league. The PGFL will provide guaranteed scheduled games and a level of professionalism that rivals that of four-year NCAA conferences. 


The mission of this association is to provide a structured and organized entity to help aid in the advancement of student-athletes. The PGFL will provide fundamental lessons in leadership and teamwork about winning and losing that have an irreplaceable role in the non-athletic entities of the world. In no instance may the Post Grad Football League engage or partake in any activity, action, or idea that is inconsistent with its educational purpose and mission. Nothing in the Bylaws shall authorize said activity or action.

To further develop the PGFL’s mission, the conference shall organize and direct interscholastic athletic competitions, conduct tournaments, and prescribe eligibility rules for contestants. The PGFL shall also facilitate and assist its member institutions in maintaining intercollegiate athletic programs compatible with the highest standards of competition and academic achievement. Through structured and orderly enactment, the Conference plans to:

Encourage – consistent, sound academic and athletic practice for student athletes;

Develop - strong and skill-full competition among the teams of its member institutions;

Assure - proper emphasis on the funding of athletic competition activities;

Stimulate - good sportsmanship;

Address - the academic needs of PGFL student-athlete so that they may be eligible to earn athletic, and academic aid to a four - year NCAA or NAIA institution.